Ms. Hadija Ally Shuma Ag Head of Procurement Management

Procurement Management Unit

The Unit is responsible to support the core function of the University by ensuring procurement and supplies of the various materials and items of the University while ensuring compliance to the Country’s Laws

Our Roles

  • Support the functioning of the Tender Board and serves as Secretary to the University Tender Board;
  • Implement the decisions of the Tender Board that are not contested by the Accounting Officer;
  • Plan the procurement and disposal by tender activities of the University;
  • Check and prepares statements of requirements;
  • Prepare tendering documents,
  • Prepare advertisements of tender opportunities;
  • Communicate the decisions of the Tender Board to the Accounting Officer
  • Prepare contract documents and issues approved contract documents;
  • Maintain and keep archives records of the procurement and disposal process;
  • Maintain a list or register of all awarded contracts;
  • Carry out clearing and forwarding functions of the University; and Prepare periodic and annual procurement reports for the University, PPRA and GPSA