gender program unit

Dr. Hawa Shariff Mbawalla Coordinator and chairperson of Gender mainstreaming Committee

Gender Program Unit

The Gender Program Unit of the Muhimbili university of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS-GPU) is an organ of the MUHAS which works on promoting equal opportunities for staff and students through facilitate gender mainstreaming of programmes, policies and activities and which shall eventually establish a gender balanced and sensitized University community.
Furthermore, the GPU supports the functioning of the Gender Desk as well as Disability Help Desk so as to eliminate all forms of discrimination and violence against humanity; with special interest for children and women. MUHAS-GPU supports both female and male staff in all aspects related to gender in areas of recruitment, professional development, promotion, leadership and research. It also supports students in terms of enrollment procedures, training, academic endeavors, leadership, as well as in providing advice and counseling in relation to gender issues that may affect their academic life.


Our Roles

  • Comprehensive gender awareness programmes for staff and students.
  • Gender mainstreaming in all MUHAS activities.
  • Coordinating and facilitating the eradication of Gender based violence.
  • Women’s empowerment programmes.
  • Communication, Information sharing and Networking

Gender Events

A group photo during women’s day at MUHAS

Seminar with female secondary school students to expand enrolment of female students in Health Sciences degree Program available at MUHAS

Seminar for secondary school girls on career guidance, choice of program and admission process