Mr. Abdallah Mwaduga Director of Finance

Directorate of Finance

The Directorate is responsible for financial forecasting, directing, controlling and monitoring the financial accounting operations of the University. The Directorate is also responsible for providing fundamental financial analysis and feedback on the budget performance and assessment of the financial accounting operations

Our Roles

  • To interpret and implement financial and accounting circulars, regulations, policies and procedures;
  • To follow up fund disbursement from the government as well as preparation of quarterly financial reports to the government;
  • Timely rent collection from vendors and debt record keeping;
  • To guide preparation of the University Budget in line with guidelines from the Government and University Annual priority areas;
  • To prepare quarterly and annual budget performance report and advise the DVC-PFA on the financial performance of the University;
  • To measure performance against operating plans and accounting standards and keep management informed continuously;
  • To review financial budgets and cash flow projections;
  • To oversee effective management of finances in line with the law and regulations;
  • To facilitate the auditing of MUHAS books of accounts by both the internal and external auditors;
  • To ensure implementation of internal and external audit recommendations.
  • To share relevant information expeditiously to staff and management;
  • To ensure effective implementation of Financial Management Information System (FMIS) in all the university financial transactions;
  • To safeguard MUHAS assets through internal control mechanism;
  • To prepare tax returns to Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) and vendors as required by law;
  • To remit statutory contributions to respective pension schemes;
  • To periodically review expenditure vote codes to check accuracy and compliance with the established rules and accounting principles;
  • To ensure bank reconciliation is thoroughly done and should not take longer than a month from the previous one and report the reconciled statements to management;
  • To ensure that accounting and financial policies, manuals and regulations are developed and implemented;
  • To oversee career and continued professional development of human resources in the Directorate