Prof. Alli A.S. Mcharazo, Director of Library Services

Directorate of Library Services

The library has come a long way since the establishment of MUHAS in 1963 as the Dar es Salaam School of Medicine, to address the severe shortage of trained medical staff that existed in the country at that time. It is the largest medical and health sciences library in Tanzania. Its main function is to provide Library documentation services to support health/ medical services, research, and teaching at the University. The MUHAS library is administratively divided into four sections namely technical, readers services, periodical and documentation, and the ICT sections. The library is estimated to have more than 100,000 volumes of materials in different health fields and subscribes to over forty academic databases. The Library accommodates about 600 users at a time and offers both reference and lending services. The library also provides 24-hour reading and discussion rooms, which can accommodate 200 users at a time. In addition, the new library wing also houses an ICT computer laboratory with the capacity to accommodate 250 computers.

Our Roles

The library provides access to various information resources, such as books, journals, e-books, databases, and CD-ROMs, to support the teaching, learning, and research activities of the university community. The library also offers services such as reference, research support, loans, training, and health information corners. The library has an online catalog, an institutional repository, and a website where users can search and access the available resources. The library’s vision is to be a center of excellence in health information provision in Tanzania and beyond