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P.O. Box 65001, MUHAS,Dar es Salaam 0752360543 / 0756265177 - Admission Office


MUHAS offer the first choice residential facility that provides excellent quality products for the well-being and the delight of students. It is believed that residence life experience will foster the student holistic development as well as being fully supportive of their academic program. Student residence life at MUHAS strives to ensure that a living and learning environment is the foundation of its residence culture. Accommodation is availed to duly registered students with preference to regular Clinical undergraduate students in session.

Currently the enrolment stands at 1800 students but only 35% of them were accommodated in the halls of residence. However with the newly renovated Chole road hostel being operation about 62% of the enrolled students are accommodated in the halls/hostel of residence. Since there is still limited space for accommodation, the accommodation priorities is guided by the criteria that approved by the University Council from time to time.


Warden manages students in the halls and hostels of residences.

Specifically wardens have the following roles:

  • Provide parental supervision and guidance in both academic and social aspects to students in their halls and hostels.
  • Facilitate and assist in providing academic and counseling services.
  • To oversee general cleanliness in the halls and hostels.
  • To enable students create friendly atmosphere and discipline among each other.
  • Report on maintenance works emanate from student halls/hostels to the estate department.
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