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The Directorate of Quality Assurance was established as a unit in 2013 and has grown into a full directorate under the office of the Vice Chancellor. This positioning has enabled the directorate to work closely with both Deputy Vice Chancellors for Academic, Research and Publications, and for Planning, Finance and Administration, to ensure ‘fit for purpose’ of all University activities.
The directorate continued to work with the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU), the Inter-University Council of East Africa (IUCEA) and other Universities inside and outside the country to learn best practices in the provision of higher education. Its main priority has been quality assurance in teaching and learning but has also gradually moved to include research and public service in its portfolio in light of completion of the MUHAS Academic Medical Centre (MAMC) at Mloganzila.
MUHAS intends to be ISO certified in the near future. During the year, the directorate initiated steps for MUHAS to fulfill this intention by familiarizing itself with the ISO system and requirements to advice the University on how best to approach this process. The directorate was able to identify areas that need to be strengthened or improved for the University to successfully go through the ISO certification process. Currently, the directorate is searching for an eligible consultant to assist the University to navigate the ISO certification process.
The directorate continued to receive its 20% share of the student quality assurance fees retained by the University to support its activities. This provided a great boost to the directorate to implement planned activities such as supporting more staff to receive training on quality assurance systems in education institutions.

Organization of the directorate of quality assurance

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