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P.O. Box 65001, MUHAS,Dar es Salaam 0752360543 / 0756265177 - Admission Office


The following is the application procedure:-

All applications should be sent to the
Vice Chancellor,
Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences,
P.O. Box 65001,
Dar es Salaam, always copy to
Attn: External Relations Unit

All applications should be sent 6 months before the intended date to start elective.

  • All applications will consist of a duly filled, signed and stamped MUHAS application form; must be accompanied with a reference letter from the Dean/Principal stating that the student is scientifically and socially capable of following the elective successfully; a CV and transcript of academic results.
  • For undergraduate students, they should be in their 4th or 5th year of the course (Clinical years).
  • Students should indicate the school/department of their choice and the duration of their intended stay as per the application form.
  • Students have to stay for the whole period of elective studies.
  • No remuneration or financial aid for students is available except for those coming under an exchange programme with such provision.

An occasional student will be discontinued on the following grounds: Any serious breach of University regulations, abscondment or irregular attendance.

  • Occasional students may be allowed to audit by permission.
  • Occasional students will pay same fees as with the other students.
  • Non-Tanzania students will pay fees in Foreign currency (US $)

The costs for the elective include:

Undergraduate students:

Application fee: 20 US $

Registration fee: 100 US$

Tuition fee: 90 US $ / week (Non- Tanzania citizens)

45 US $ / week (Tanzanian citizens studying outside Tanzania)

Supervision fee: 35 US $ / week (for research oriented elective period)

Identity Card US $ 2
Ethical clearance fees US$100 (for research proposal)

Postgraduate students

Application fee: 20 US $

Registration fee: 100 US $

Tuition fee: 120 US $ / week

Supervision fee: 70 US $ / week (for research oriented elective period)

Identity Card US$ 2
Ethical clearance fees US$100 (for research proposal)

Students coming to the Muhimbili Teaching Hospital are supposed to join the existing group of 3rd year Medical Students

in that particular department or 4th or 5th year if they have completed junior rotation in their home country university.

They are supposed to do ward rounds,go to the clinics, theatre and attend lectures and seminars with our Medical students.

They are supposed to take history from the patients, examine them and present their findings and discuss during ward rounds.

Students must show the number of cases seen and examined, procedures assisted and procedures performed in the log-book which

must be countersigned by the supervisor. At the end of clerkship, the student has to produce a short report about

his/her visit. The report must be copied to the Dean of the Faculty from which the student come from and also the Dean of the Faculty where

the student has visited i.e. Muhimbili. Ideally, students coming for clerkship should have brought with them a minimum set of equipments for clinical

e.g. blood pressure machine, white coat, tendon hammer, stethoscope etc.Students coming to other consultant hospitals are supposed to have the

same obligations except that since these are not teaching hospitals, clerkship would be organized by the supervisor accordingly.


Students coming for research projects should submit their research proposals to the Vice Chancellor 6 months before the intended date to start the

research for scrutiny and institutional ethical clearance. The University will identify a supervisor while a student is in Tanzania.

It is advised that hospital based studies should be done at the Muhimbili Teaching Hospital. Community based studies have to be done at any upcountry


Occasional Students

The University accepts students for occasional periods of study.

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