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Directorate of Finance is one of the thirteen directorates of the Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS). The Directorate is responsible for financial planning, directing and controlling of the financial accounting operations of the University. The Directorate is also responsible for coordinating the preparation of budgets and providing fundamental financial analysis and feedback on the budget performance and assessment of the financial accounting operations.

Audited Accounts for 2016/17 Financial Year
The Directorate prepared Financial Statements for the year 2016/2017 for statutory audit. During the reporting period MUHAS complied fully with all International Public-Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) as directed by the office of the Accountant General. The audit for the year started before the end of September 2017. MUHAS statutory auditor is the Controller and Auditor General (CAG) who is currently represented by M/S KLM Consult.

Achieving excellence in providing accurate and timely financial information, demonstrating integrity in relationships, and foster a keen focus on providing insight to our customers.
In order to achieve this vision, the Finance Directorate must support all university units to ensure the activities proposed and resources requested reflect sound business judgment and support the overall goals and mission of the university. The Finance staff work closely with all areas of the university to carry out its core functions


To provide timely and accurate financial information to key stakeholders while protecting university assets, both real and intangible, and ensuring university compliance with laws and international standards from a financial and fiduciary perspective. Serving as an indispensable partner on topics requiring economic, financial and fiduciary inputs and expertise, the Directorate of Finance manages Accounting and Financial Reporting, Tax, Funded Projects Benefits Administration, Treasury, Budget management, Risk Management, Grants Contracts, Student Accounts, and its internal and external audit partners

Our goal is to provide a full range of financial information: from detailed information, such as how to process a transaction, to overview information, such as how to interpret the financial reports. We provide a full disclosure of the University’s finances in the Reports section.

(i) All staff of the Directorate set objectives and targets of performance and evaluated through OPRAS.
(ii) Electronic Fund Transfer (ETF) was initiated and implemented.
(iii) Internet banking was initiated with NBC and requests were lodged with NMB and CRDB
(iv) Web based shared folder in finance was created and its use implemented
(v) Timely submission of annual and bi annual tax returns and payments was achieved
(vi) Timely handling of student issues and complaints was achieved
(vii) NHIF forms processing backlog was cleared at the School of Dentistry
(viii) Bank reconciliations statements for the University and projects accounts were completed on time
(ix) Increased revenue collection at Dental Clinic was realized
(x) Revenue collection system at Dental Clinic was improved from manual to electronic.

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