School of Nursing

The School of Nursing evolved from the Faculty of Nursing that was established with the birth of Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences in 1991 under the ACT No. 10 (1) C. of 1991. The Faculty of Nursing emerged from the Nursing Education Department which was responsible for the three schools of nursing at the by then Muhimbili Medical Centre i.e.; School of Nurse Teachers, School of Nursing and the School of Public Health Nursing. The department was accorded academic status in 1988 under the Faculty of Medicine to be responsible for running the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSc. N) programme. The Faculty comprised of three departments; namely Department of Clinical Nursing, Department of Community Health Nursing and the Department of Nursing Management.

The Faculty operated from 1991-2003 when the School of Nursing was established as a result of the University of Dar Es Salaam Academic Audit recommendation of 1998. The School has plans of clustering all nursing programmes (degree and diploma) at MUHAS.

The School has three departments, which include:

  • Department of Clinical Nursing,
  • Community Health Nursing and
  • Nursing Management.

These departments have been approved in principle and are headed by coordinators.

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