School of Pharmacy

This institution was established in July 1974 as Department of Pharmacy in Faculty of Medicine with assistance of a grant from British council. Since then we have been producing quality pharmacists who are now the backbone of the Health care system in Tanzania and a few neighbouring countries.

The Faculty of Pharmacy, which was established in July 1991, is an offspring of the Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences created within the Faculty of Medicine to run the pharmacy undergraduate course. The course itself was established in 1974.

The school is housed in a single two-story building. The Dean, assisted by three heads is responsible for all academic and administrative activities in the faculty. There are four departments in the school namely the department of

  • Medicinal Chemistry,
  • Pharmacognosy,
  • Pharmaceutical Microbiology and
  • Pharmaceutics,

The latter having two units, Pharmacy Practice and Pharmaceutics. The department of Pharmaceutical microbiology is, administratively, under the Head of the Department of Pharmaceutics.

Mission of our school is to train Pharmacists to run the pharmaceutical services in the country, to carry out research and to offer consultancy service in the field.

The academic staff situation has greatly improved since the beginning of the course. Almost all academic staff are Tanzanians, eleven of whom are Ph.D. holders, ten with Masters degrees and two on Ph.D. programs. In 1992 the school introduced a Masters program in each department. In addition, plans are underway to introduce a continuing education course for pharmacists in the country. This will not only increase efficiency in the profession but also keep the professionals up-to-date.

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