Directorate of ICT - ICT Services at MUHAS

The Directorate of ICT manages a number of electronic management information systems which has been implemented and used at MUHAS. Majority of the systems are based on Free and Open source systems thus servicing the University from paying a lot of money as license fees for proprietary systems. The MIS include:-
1. Mail Server (Zimbra) with calendar and booking features,
2. Student Academic Records Information System (SARIS),
3. Integrated Financial Management Information System (EPCOR),
4. Human Capital Management Information System (HCMIS),
5. e-Learning Management System (Moodle),
6. Integrated Library Information System (KOHA),
8. Institutional Repository System (DSpace),
9. Open Journal System
10. Dental Management Information System at MUHAS Dental Clinic 
a. Dentrix,
b. Dexis and
c. NHIF Claim Management Information System
11. Central Timetabling System (CELCAT)
12. Online Help Desk / Request Tracker
13. Online Telephone Directory
14. Online Research Data Capture (REDCap)
15. Conference Management System
16. REMARK software

ICT Services at MAMC - Mloganzila Campus

The following ICT infrastructure, systems and services are being installed and will be operational at MUHAS Academic Medical Centre (MAMC) during launch:-
1. Local Area Network (LAN) including Network Management System (NMS)
2. Wireless Network
3. Internet (Data/Voice) connection
4. Local Circuit Television (CCTV) for security surveillance and training/Theatre
5. Digital Telephone network and system (PABX)
6. Public Address System (PA)
7. Audio Visual Network and System
8. Fire Alarm Network and System
9. Nurse Call Network and System
10. Community Antennae/Access Television (CATV)
11. Access Control System (AC)
12. Building Management System (BMS)
13. Pneumatic Tube System
14. Hospital Management Information System (HMIS)
15. Picture Archival and Communication System (PACS).
16. Enterprise Resource Planning – Integrated Financial Management Information System

ICT Training 
DICT teaches the following courses:-
  1. Information Technologies (IT 100) course to all first-year undergraduate and diploma students in collaboration with the Directorate of Library Services.
  2. Data management courses to various students and staff especially the use of SPSS.
  3. Health Management Information Systems course to Postgraduate students at the School of Pharmacy.
  4. Short courses on the use of Management Information Systems e.g. SARIS, Moodle
  5. In order to provide practical skills to graduates and partly address unemployment problem, the directorate hosts ICT students on practical training from different Universities and training colleges within the country and from outside Tanzania. 
ICT related research activities
The DICT participates in various research activities and consultancy services whereby members of academic staff have managed to publish a number of journal articles in international peer-reviewed journals and presented in both international and local scientific conferences. 

ICT services
To ensure proper usage of ICT facilities especially wireless internet services, students and staff must register their computers and other computing devices e.g. tablets and smartphones with DICT to deter the misuse of ICT facilities, which include inviting guests, friends and others to use wireless in campus, to use computers for huge downloads of songs, movies and illicit materials. There is also ICT policy including security guidelines which indicated prohibited use of ICT facilities.
A number of services provided by the directorate of ICT at Muhimbili and Mloganzila campuses in including:-
1. Servers and network administration
2. Development, Management and maintenance of information systems
3. Development and implementation of various ICT policies, guidelines and standards
4. Preparation of requirements and specifications for ICT procurements
5. Inspection, acceptance and auditing of ICT goods and services
6. Management of ICT contracts
7. Staff and Students training on basic ICT skills and management information
8. User support/customer care
9. ICT research and consultancy

Google Scholar Citations

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Short Courses

Cosmetic Restorative Dentistry
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Basic Mortuary Technician Short Course

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