Eligibility & How to Apply

As a general rule all MUHAS bonafide East African and foreign students pursuing degree and non degree programmes on full time basis shall be eligible for getting accommodation services in the halls of residence.
Specific Criteria for Rooms Allocation

Accommodation on Medical Grounds/Disability
The University recognizes that students who are severely disabled or suffer from mental health disability or severe medical impairment can not effectively carry out their University studies unless they are provided with University accommodation. The students Services Bureau (SSB) will therefore consider accommodation to students on medical grounds and disabilities before considering other groups of students. However, consideration for such applications will be made only after they have been approved by the recognized medical practitioner via the office of the Dean of Students.
New students (both Undergraduate and graduates) need to complete the Disability Assessment Form (DAF) that is distributed by MUHAS Admissions Department. To be eligible, students must meet one of the eligibility criteria listed below with supporting medical certificates stating specifically how they meet the relevant criteria.
  • The student has a permanent and substantial disability which means they are unable to walk or have very considerable difficulty in walking for a distance of more than 100 metres.
  • The student’s disability requires specialist adaptations or facilities not available in off campus accommodation.
  • The student has a medical condition treated by chemotherapy or dialysis.
It should be born in mind that the existence or pre-existence of disorders that are well controlled and have responded to medical treatment, even though there is a continuation of medical treatment, does not necessarily constitute medical or disabled grounds for on-campus accommodation. Students with disabilities or approved medical problems are urged to contact the Students Services Bureau for consideration at a very early stage, normally at the end of the academic year or immediately after they receive their room application forms. Making applications at the earliest possible time will provide opportunity to SSB to best meet their requirements. New students with disabilities who require special accommodation facilities shall in detail, state their needs in writing at the time of application and attach copies of supporting medical certificates. It is recommended that students with very special needs should consult the office of the Dean of students for further advice. Continuing students who develop serious medical condition, which may qualify them for accommodation, will be given individual consideration. Such special requests must be made in writing, and supported by medical evidence from an approved health authority including University Health authorities.

Foreign students
Those classified as foreign students by the University will be offered University accommodation for the duration of their course provided that they remain fully registered as University students. Bonafide foreign students will be invited to submit their application forms through the SSB office for consideration.

Undergraduate Students
Accommodation facilities for Undergraduate students enrolled at the Muhimbili University of Health and Allied sciences are limited. The University neither guarantees accommodation to any student nor is it obliged to provide the same to undergraduate students. Except for those listed in 2.1.and 2.2.above, accommodation priorities for undergraduate students will be guided by the criteria listed below as approved by the council in the following order:
(i) Students in their clinical years of training
(ii) Female first year undergraduate students from upcountry
(iii) First year male undergraduate students from upcountry
(iv) Continuing female student from upcountry
(v) Continuing male students from upcountry
(vi) MUHASSO leaders
(vii) Any other student

Given the order above, SSB in collaboration with the office of the Dean f Students should establish the names of upcountry students and those living within and around Dar es salaam.
This data should be compiled and made available in the SSB database for use during room allocation exercise.
It should be noted that consideration for accommodation will only be given to students who have duly completed application procedures. Students will be invited to submit their application forms through the SSB office towards the end of the second semester in every academic year.

Off-Campus Accommodation
Students who do not manage to get on-campus accommodation are advised to look for off-campus accommodation, in which agreement should be entered between the students and the respective landlords.
The SSB in collaboration with the office of Dean of Students can assist in making available a list of off-campus accommodation facilities for students who find it difficult to locate the same.However,it should be clearly known and understood that the agreement still remains between the student and the landlord.

 Postgraduate Students
Accommodation facilities for postgraduate students are currently very limited. The University does not guaranteed accommodation and as it is the case with undergraduate students, it is not obliged to provide the same to postgraduate students. Therefore, postgraduate students are strongly advised to arrange for their own accommodation before they come to the University.

Despite the limited accommodation facilities however, postgraduate students are also eligible to apply for University accommodation every academic year for the duration of their course provided that they are fully registered and are on full time study. Unlike undergraduate students, postgraduate students will be accommodated on a first come-first served basis.

For More details See the Accomodation Policy
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