Games and Sports

Games and Sports
The achievement of academic excellence depends on many factors. Some of them being conducive environment and Teaching/Learning resources. However, for effective and successful teaching/learning process to occur, both a teacher and a learner must be health in terms of their minds in health body. Thus games and sports can nurture and develop academic excellence in a health mind.

In view of this context, engaging ourselves into sports activities would have a lot of advantages and greatly contribute to the betterment of academic performance since healthy mind develops into a healthy body. Sports are activities you do for pleasure using physical efforts or skills which are done in a specified area following set rules. Games are competitive sports or any activity which have rules and funny. These include Olympics Games, Commonwealth Games, East Africa Challenge Cup, World University Games (FISU), All Africa University Games (FASU), East African University Games (EAUG) and Tanzania Universities Sports Association (TUSA) Games. TUSA organizes sports competitions that among other things enhance sports competition standards, exchange academic experiences and socialization among students.

At MUHAS, the playgrounds are located at Muhimbili and Chole Road campus. There are various sporting activities organized frequently by students such as Inter-School Sports Competitions in form of league in conjunction with the Dean of Students’ office. These include friendly matches between schools and hostels and interschool competitions. Therefore students participate in Football, Netball, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Tug of War, Rope jumping, Football, Racing, etc. On the other hand, MUHAS students and workers also participate in National competitions like: Shirikisho la Michezo la Vyuo Mchanganyiko Tanzania (SHIMIVUTA), Shirikisho la Michezo ya Mashirika ya Umma Tanzania (SHIMMUTA).

MUHAS is committed to offering safe and quality recreational programs, facilities, and services to students in order to foster personal growth and physical development. Promoting healthy lifestyles through games and sports in an environment that value, embrace, and enrich individual differences will consequently:
  • Minimize or eliminate the chances of getting HIV-AIDS
  • Eliminate or reduce chances of misbehavior
  • Create Friendship and Good relations
  • Enhance academic excellence in the perfect learning environment through Sports journeys/trips.
Special Events and Activities
MUHAS students participate in International Youth Fellowship (IYF) Global Camp annually. The camp among many other objectives, aims at equipping the youth with skills on research in their career, to equip the youths with the tool to eschew their ethnic differences so as to face challenges in this global era. Thus, brings the youth together to share ideas and experiences on cross-cutting cultural values coming from all over the world.

In all these events, MUHAS students as medical professionals support medical services alongside with medical volunteers’ team from all over the world. In this regard, they finally benefit to learn practically from volunteers doctors.
MUHAS students sometimes attend seminars and workshops intended to expand knowledge regarding their career as well as social contemporary world issues in general.

In addition, during orientation week programme of welcoming first year students, the programme is marked by a sports day supported by the University Management. This aims at strengthening students’ positive vision towards game/sports at the university level. This programme entails: Sports and Games, Entertainments and Refreshments.
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