Students Health Services

NHIF Registration and Membership:

Students register for the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) for health services. First year students join medical insurance scheme by registering with NHIF. The continuing students renew their membership for the next academic year as students’ NHIF premiums expire annually. There are:

  • Students who pay for their annual premiums
  • Students who possess their own membership or ensured by their parents/guardians/spouses.

In order to avoid any inconveniences posed by not joining Health Insurance Scheme, all students are obliged to pay during registration. Non-NHIF registered student therefore incurs medical expenses at his/her own costs.

Medical Services not covered under NHIF Scheme:

Not all medical services are covered by the NHIF. For instance, meals, special diet, soft drinks and the like. In this view, all students should be aware that there are so many services covered by the NHIF and few which are not. This shall enable every student gets prepared and thus budget aside a certain amount of fund to be useful in case he/she falls sick.

Sick and Admitted Students:

The information regarding sick or admitted student should be communicated to the Dean of the relevant school as well as to the Dean of Students. Therefore, any sick student, his/her colleagues or Class Representatives (CR’s) should channel sick information in writing as soon as the student falls sick or admitted. Early information will enable promptly documentation and timely attending/visiting the sick student.


Although DOSO is responsible for the social welfare to all MUHAS students, parents and guardians are also encouraged to practically, socially and financially support their sons/daughters when they are sick or hospitalized.

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